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Stephen Thompson
- Author - 

More than anything else, Stephen Thompson is a kid at heart! Born in Rome, Georgia, and having lived throughout the United States and in Europe, Stephen continues to view the world with wonder and enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for life with his family and everyone he meets. Stephen spends much of his time writing and acting when he's not busy with his regular career as an airline pilot! With his Chinchillacorn stories, Stephen hopes to capture the imagination of children young and old and to teach some valuable character lessons along the way. Elements of the stories are reflections of Stephen's experience in the Boy Scouts. Stephen earned the Eagle Scout rank and is a proud supporter of all Scouting programs.

Gale Rafael
Illustrator -

Stephen Thompson may have created the Chinchillacorns and made some rough sketches to visualize each character, but a skilled illustrator was needed to bring the Chinchillacorns and their world to life! Thanks to the amazing talents of Gale Rafael, we all can enjoy the Chinchillacorns and their impossible cuteness! Gale is an artist with years of experience creating marketing ads, book illustrations, and artwork for shows and competitions. Mostly self taught, her interest in animals, especially cats and pet rodents, has influenced much of her work. Gale's motivation comes from her partner and friends who support her through thick and thin. 

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