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  • Where can I buy the Chinchillacorn books?
    Asha and the Chinchillacorns is available exclusively through Amazon in both paperback and ebook formats. Look for future Adventures of the Chinchillacorns books on Amazon.
  • When will I be able to buy a Chinchillacorn plush toy?
    Currently, the Chinchillacorn plush toys are in preproduction. Look for them online and at your major retailers, soon!
  • Is it possible to get a signed copy of the book?
    Yes! Please send a letter to our corporate office (Not an Email) with your request. Please be sure to include your email address in the letter. We will be able to send your signed copy of the book(s) of your choice within 4 weeks of receipt of your letter. You will be contacted via email to coordinate payment.
  • Are Chinchillacorns real?
    Though we have yet to meet a Chinchillacorn in person, we have ample reason to believe they exist, and we imagine they are quite busy serving the world!
  • How can I obtain a licensing agreement to produce a Chinchillacorn product?
    Please send via regular mail a written request to CCC Publishing, LLC describing your proposal. Emailed requests are not accepted at this time. Should CCC Publishing, LLC wish to pursue your proposal, you will be contacted within two business weeks of receipt of your letter. Any questions regarding our licensing approval process can be emailed to CCC Publishing, LLC Attn: Licensing P.O. Box 2865 Blairsville, GA 30514
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