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The Journey Begins!

New Release - Book 1

About the Chinchillacorns

“In a land across the great ocean, high up in the tallest mountains, live the rarest, and most different of the unicorns: The Chinchillacorns!”

Asha, a unicorn princess, learns of the mysterious Chinchillacorns and of their fascinating rituals and way of life.

The Adventures of the Chinchillacorns series tells the tales of these amazingly cute, furry-tailed unicorns from a land far away!

Children young and old will learn how the Chinchillacorns live to serve the world around them in this exciting series of beautifully illustrated, adventure-filled, character-building stories!

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It's refreshing to find a children's book that can not only inspire imagination but also teach some valuable character building lessons.

Alan - parent

My daycare children loved reading about the Chinchillacorns and now can't wait to read the next book!

Lynn - Daycare owner and Mother

If I could be a unicorn, I'd want to be a Chinchillacorn! Even my little brother thinks Maximo is cool and thinks the next book should be all about him!

Elizabeth - big sister and big fan

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